Solar thermal plant in Morocco (Energy)

Energy and electric mobility

We have manufactured the salt receiver for the NOOR III solar thermal plant in Ouarzazate (Morocco), made of non-conventional alloys to meet the requirements of high temperatures and corrosive environments caused by the heating of the salts used to capture solar energy. A project with high requirements for water-tightness and precision in order to guarantee a minimum receiver life of 30 years.

This involved the manufacture of 36 panels that made up a huge cylinder, 22 metres high and 20 metres in diameter, installed on a tower at 250 metres and made up of 1,500 tubes welded together.

All this in just nine and a half months, for which a factory has been set up in Morocco specifically for this project.

Energía y movilidad eléctrica
It has been a project that has required maximum commitment on the part of SMARMEC, with a very complex coordination between our teams in Spain and Morocco, but with an exceptional technical result.
Project manager