Productive processes

From our prolific experience, with more than 30 years in the sector, and attending to the multidisciplinary needs of our customers, we provide solutions to mechanical metal-based products, where we integrate technologies supported by an extensive network of partners and local suppliers in each of our locations

  • Sheet metal and tube transformation processes: cutting, bending, stamping, machining…
  • Robotic and manual welding: MIG, TIG, CMT, Orbital, Plasma, Laser Fibre.
  • Surface finishes: powder coating, liquid coating, cataphoresis, zinc plating, SurTec…
  • Additive manufacturing.
  • Assembly and integration of turnkey solutions: plastics, electrical/electronic elements, decorative elements.

Smarmec also has experience and know-how in the use and handling of all materials available on the market, from the most widely used materials to the superalloys used in critical processes.