Charger (Electric mobility)

Charger (Electric mobility)
Energía y movilidad eléctrica
We are a solid company, internationally recognised for the manufacture of robust, quality products.
A strength that we have recently transferred to the electric mobility sector, specifically to the manufacture of metal enclosures and structural assemblies for electric vehicle chargers. This equipment is installed at charging points, where the necessary energy is supplied to electric cars.

Our client, a leading manufacturer of electric vehicle charging equipment in China, needed a partner who could adapt to the constant variability in the industry, which meant they needed to be flexible to take on continuous product design changes. In addition, extremely tight deadlines had to be met.

At Smarmec we more than fulfilled both conditions. We responded to urgent deadlines and coped with a large number of design changes in parallel to serial production.

In a short time, we manufactured the metal enclosures and the structural assemblies of the requested charging devices, achieving the approval – by the client – of 4 product families in record time.

To this end, we set up dedicated welding and assembly lines. In this way, we were able to increase our production capacity while adapting to the flexibility required by variable demand.

The result was 4 product lines tested and approved by the customer in the serial production phase.