Engineering, design and development

Our knowledge is based on the processing of sheet metal

That is why we undertake the entire design phase of products that include it. The engineering team defines products with an efficient use of sheet metal; it chooses the most successful processes and develops optimized solutions for our customers.

In this area we offer various areas of collaboration in the projects, depending on the customer’s requirements and approaches, such as:

  • Conception of the product.
  • Engineering of both product and process.
  • Detailed design, taking into account criteria for ergonomics, usability, manufacturability, cost, time to market, etc.
  • Structural studies.
  • Industrialisation with the definition of materials, supply chain and final processes (die casting, moulds, extrusion, manufacturing and control tools, packaging and transport, etc.).
  • Manufacture of prototypes and pre-series.


PTC Creo, TruTops, Ansys,…
Engineering, design and development

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