Success story

Smarmec‘s historic relationship with the world leader in printing HP, has led us to become one of the few global suppliers of HP Large Format Printing and HP 3D Printing with responsibility for the final delivery to the customer

The evolution in this sector has taken us from the manufacture to plan of low complexity parts, through accessory sub-systems that go directly from our facilities to the end customer with certified quality, demonstrating our global logistics capacity, to the design of sophisticated handling systems with the customer, with a high cosmetic requirement. Our engineers are able to integrate various technologies applicable to a multitude of sectors.

Thus, at Smarmec we have supported our customers with the design and manufacture of:

  • Paper management subassemblies.
  • Ink drying subassemblies.
  • Printer enclosures.
  • Structural subassemblies of printers.
  • Additive manufacturing materials management equipment.
  • Fully integrated large format printers.