Measurement and testing

Measurement and testing of materials and products being a critical factor, Smarmec has all kinds of elements capable of guaranteeing, as a minimum, the requirements of our target industry

In addition to collaborating with various research and technology centres in the area. They are all always properly identified, maintained, calibrated and managed by the quality area that responds to Velatia’s demanding quality protocols.



  • Three-dimensional CNC measuring machine.

Welded connections

  • Penetrating liquids.
  • Radiographic control.
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic water-tightness testing.


  • Hardness, surface roughness, layer thickness, adhesion, impact, deep drawing and colorimetry.
  • Rust resistance, using a salt spray chamber.

Final product

  • Specific tests required by each product/customer: Structural analysis, impact, fall, vibrations, life, EMC, CE Marking, UL Certification, etc.